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Irin Ajo Mi - My Journey

At a time like this it is very important that the black community equip our young people with the right tools for success and teach them our history. Taste of Africa is running a Heritage Youth Project entitled: “Irin Ajo Mi – My Journey”.
Irin Ajo mi is a Yoruba phrase for my Journey.
The language is from the Yoruba tribe of Africa predominantly in the western part of Nigeria.


My journey seeks to document the stories of African elders in Teesside to create a better understanding of the history of the community and celebrate its contributions to Teesside. It will document the stories of individuals journeys to teesside and chronicle memories of participants, and ensure a lasting archive is built for the benefit of Africans and wider communities of Teesside.

This lottery funded project seeks to equip young black youth (10-19years) with transferable skills and highlight the history of African people in the Tees Valley area.

Young people participating in this project will learn key skills in how to

create and curate videos


engage with audiences

creative writing

presentation skills

interview skills

and more important contributions of black people living in Teesside

These stories will be shared on our website, will form part of our travelling exhibition and be used for inspiration within the African/Caribbean community.

We are not only looking for young people to benefit from this project but we are also providing opportunities for volunteers of all age groups who would like to get involved or contribute to this project. (Young people 10-19years are welcome).

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Sian Chinaka

Josh Kabuye

Kai Chinaka



Owen Kabuye





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